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Any American-ized word or phrase, such as changing the spelling of words to sound as they mis-pronounce them, using 4 syllables or words where 1 would have sufficed, or inventing a new word or phrase because it sounds nicer (most commonly heard whenever they are 'fighting for peace' again).
Color, Armor, Boro, Aluminum, Leftenant (??), putting Z's instead of S's in words, or using clunky acronyms because they make a meaningful word (Arrogant American Alliance with Rightwing Goverments against Hope!, or Aaargh!)

Weapons Of Mass Destruction (Nukes), The Road Map (Plan), Freedom Fighters (terrorists we like), Terrorists (anyone we don't), Terrorist Suspect (anyone), Liberating <insert name of latest militarily inferior country that has weapons we supplied and something we want> in the Name of Peace and Democracy (slaughter and pillage <name>), Anti-American (anyone who disagrees), Anti-American Activist (anyone that tries to stop us), Our Friends and Allies in Europe (anyone with nukes), 9/11 (oops, apparently having nukes doesn't make you immune to retaliation), Pulling Together in the War for Democracy! (so c'mon England, lets make some NEW enemies!).
by ..WiL May 20, 2005
The Jerry Springer style street 'discussions' chavs and bag heads have with one another, normally at about 2am just underneath your fucking window, lasting for about 3 hours and involving massive amounts of personal detail nobody should ever need to know about a neighbour, and bottles.
Aw fuck, the stupid drug fucked oxygen thieves are having a 2am chavscussion about who's kid's who's again, your turn to call in the pigs, man.
by ..WiL April 25, 2007
Comes in many forms, but generally a little bottle bought from a sex shop or 'alternative' establishment with specific instructions on it NOT to inhale it deeply through the nose, which is precisely what people do with it!

Used by clubbers and teens to elicit a brief, short lived high and longer lived sense of being naughty, or by anyone trying to insert large objects up their anus for pleasure when not yet in possession of a mangina, thanks to its muscle relaxant qualities.
Migraine in liquid form.
Ere son, take a sniff of this and think of England!
by ..WiL May 18, 2005
Basically a Goth or Punk on E.

A product of the rise of Cybergoth, Electropunk and EBM scenes a Cybertwat is just like a rave newbie, new to the scene and living the dream, just a tad too much!

With the seemingly permanent addition of some glowsticks and UV reactive or reflective adornments over his usual black, he has decided this music and style slays all others, and everytime he comes to your party/BBQ/parents funeral he MUST take over the stereo and constantly play VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berserk and Covenant at volume 11 and hand dance about sweatily or HE WILL KILL YOU ALL!!

They normally get over it within a few months once they realise it's not paranoia, everyone really is avoiding them!
Shall we invite Paul to the gathering tonight or is he just too much of an insufferable Cybertwat right now?
by ..WiL March 05, 2007
Half filled bath of hot soapy water shared amongst friends, used to wash off the disco dirt post clubbing or boozing before everyone crashes out on your sofa and floor.
I've filled the bath if anyone wants a quick sheep dip to wash off the disco dirt, best get in early before it gets sticky!
by ..WiL January 29, 2007
Once just generally meaning confused thoughts but now used to mean when two or more people are talking in an internet chatroom and get two different subjects confused together.
WiL> Have you got it yet?
Tony> I got summat well kewl other day!
WiL> Oh?
Tony> Ill look, BRB...
WiL> Sent it ages ago!
Tony> Its well kewl, a mate sent it 2 me! :D
WiL> He did!? Hang on, weve got Crossed Threads, mate, R U on about the mail I sent U or this other thing?
by ..WiL May 18, 2005
1. A long prelongued bout of alchoholic self punishment.

2. A pretty innoffensive Brit slang word for a poof.

3. A character on the TV show Futurama.
1. Fuck you all, Im off on a bender.

2. Are you really a bender?

by ..WiL May 21, 2005

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