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A way of gettin away with calling someone a bastard in polite company, like in front of your Mum.
He's a complete Bar Steward!
by ..WiL May 23, 2005
Mystery bruises caused by a night out with the beer monster, which you have NO MEMORY AT ALL of obtaining.

Particularly impressive when found on the face, possibly from calling Jesus on the porcelain telephone.
Ouch, what the hell was I doing last night!? And where am I? And why is there diced carrot in my hair!?
by ..WiL May 22, 2005
Self defined temporary bi-sexual status visited upon an otherwise totally straight guy to excuse the fact that everybody knows last weekend, after 8 pints, a pill and some unsuccessful attempts to score some ass, he went back with a gay guy to get his cock sucked.

Usually when said beer queer gets a NEW girlfriend his new found minority status will fly back into the closet so bloody fast it ends up in fucking Narnia, probably never to be seen again!
Malcom's started telling everyone he's bi since he went home with John, but he was only bloody beer queer!
by ..WiL May 15, 2005
When U find yourself trapped in the John scared to pull up your expensive Calvins simply due to your Rusty Bullet Hole apparently feeding a single unpassable turd slowly out onto the paper as if someone had hidden a lipstick dispenser up your arse and was slowly turning the base!
Look, its not my fault, OK? I got a fucking Lipstick Arse situation here! Go on without me and Ill catch you up!
by ..WiL May 18, 2005
1. A guy who drinks lots and falls over every available free moment.

2. The evil monster that visits you when you have been on a bender and steals all your money, sends bizarre text messages and offensive e-mails to all your friends, makes all your clothes smell funny, hides your underwear, messes up your house, and then shits in your mouth before leaving.
Also wipes all your memory of the previous night.

By either definition, he's a cunt and you spend all your time apologising for him.
1. I have never seen Rob sober, the guy's a complete Beer Monster.

2. I need to go into town, the Beer Monster stole all my money, <vomits>, maybe later...
by ..WiL May 22, 2005
American sourced phrase oft used by blondes, queens and blonde queens to justify their not participating in something, now working its way into general use. The DO is the most emphasised part of the whole phrase.
Im sorry but I dont DO politics.
by ..WiL May 15, 2005
Chav-teen speak for something bad, or more commonly slightly embarrassing to the rest of us but a major faux pas to a chav.
Pacifically, he is wearin last years trainers like a pikey, innit, that is well bad!
by ..wil July 27, 2007

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