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A twat who claims he's only behaving like a twat in defence of the fact that other people keep calling him a twat behind his back.

Similar to a self-fulfilling prophecy but more personal, and often used as a defense mechanism, usually by men to avoid ever having to engage with anyone emotionally, or say sorry.

Their phrase of choice should you ask them why they're behaving like a twat is of course: 'Are you calling me a twat then!?' and then centre all their twatness upon you as you obviously must be the source of why everyone thinks they're a twat, and are no longer inviting them to any more social events.
I can't be bothered to try and make sense of the man anymore, he just seems to be a self-fulfilling twat.
by ..WiL May 21, 2007
The sweat, funk, smoke, spilled beer, mystery stickiness, lipstick and just general crap one gets on oneself coated in after a night out clubbing and/or out with the lads.
Just off to take a sheep dip, I need to wash off all this disco dirt before I change into my house clothes.
by ..WiL January 29, 2007
Any idea, craze or cultural phenomenon made up from otherwise long dead and/or unlikely parts but has for some reason recently sparked general interest, becomes a monster, and then when your thoroughly sick of the bastard you cant get rid of it!
Fucking hell, that bastard annoying frog doing engine noises has become a right Frankensteins Monster! Pass the pitch fork, someone!
by ..WiL May 17, 2005
Vodka infused with some weed, gets you very spaced, hence space vodka.

I lay claim to it's invention. If someone else hasn't already. But it's getting very popular around here.
Take a 70cl bottle of cheap generic vodka, take a teabag of a herbal persuasion such as ginger, snip open the teabag and insert a bud of green, loosely stitch together the opening of the teabag with some cotton thread and insert it into the vodka. Leave this at room temperature for at least 3 days to infuse properly then chill in a freezer and serve as shots (if the teabag worries you you can get it out by leaving the thread you used to stitch it attached and pulling it out by that). Drink. Giggle. Talk bollocks. Fall over.
by ..WiL May 26, 2005
Tea with added grass. Gets you spaced, hence space tea.
Take a cafetiere about 2 mugfulls big and put 3 teabags of your choice into it (I prefer citrus fruit flavour though peppermint works well too) and about 1 small bud of green, chopped or pulled apart. Add the boiling water and wait about 5-10 minutes. Press down the plunger a few times to mix it all up & serve, preferably in small glasses such as moroccan tea glasses. Add sugar to taste, drink. Get spaced. Watch an old 70's sci fi DVD at double speed with the sound off and play some chilling muzak. Chat. Giggle.
by ..WiL July 27, 2005
Bigger than huge, pronounced 'Yowj'.

Its a corruption of huge when pronounced 'Hee-yoooo-uge!!'
Have you seen her in that dress!? She looks YOUGE!!
by ..WiL May 15, 2005
A phrase for taking the piss out of excessively effeminate men, inspired by the oddly camp way Wilma and Betty walk on the TV cartoon show The Flintstones.
He thinks hes STRAIGHT ACTING!! Jeez louise, he Walks Like Wilma!
by ..WiL May 18, 2005

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