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80"s legendary dope dealing rapper. Sadly died of aids, :(
Easy-E is dope man !!
by ........ November 18, 2003
the sweetest girl on the earth, someone who is nice, talented, special, and cool!
Wow, she is so gauri today!!!
by ........ May 08, 2003
the sweetest girl on the eath, a nice, caring, talented person
Wow she is so gauri today!
by ........ May 08, 2003
most of the time they end up being your boyfriend who you thought loved you... who you thought you loved
my boyfriend is a manwhore!
by ........ March 17, 2005
"Colaiste Camus" irish college located in Conemara, Galway, Ireland. Best irish college in EXISTANCE!! even if it is a bit of a cult...
"dearg armAAAII"
"feach ar sin taimid ar ais i colaiste camus aris... an ait is fearr sa domhain"
by ........ April 06, 2005
a man excessively concerned with his clothes, grooming, and manners
a fellow
by ........ May 19, 2004

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