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a teenager (usually) who prefers smaller bands too huge sell-out stadium rockers. Nowadays known for stage invasions and energetic bands. Generally thought of as an new thing, but has actually got roots to the eighties with the Smiths and Joy division etc. Wear small shirts and skinny jeans generally but you get variants as diverse as charity shop and the like (Larrikin Love example) and smart blazers and suits (Maximo Park). Called Indie as they like individual music and try to DIY everything.
Indie kid: I love Shut Your Eys and You'll Burst Into Flames and have tickets for their next 13 gigs.
by -indie-kid-- September 24, 2006
posh people who think, because they have racist views, are a political party. Not quite the worst in the world as the bnp and america exist
tories are racist scum
by -indie-kid-- September 26, 2006
Good spelt wrong. also a myhtical being old people like
Oh that sex was well god!
by -indie-kid-- September 24, 2006
crap without the "c"
wow ur rap at singin
by -indie-kid-- September 26, 2006

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