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one of the sweetest bands ever; plays high quality music; has a very hott drummer
Consistently Second rocks!
by --- September 01, 2004
Michelle Lapoint
AKA Smokey
Lapoint smoked rednecks pole on a daily basis.
Lapoint is outside smoking rednecks pole.
by --- October 08, 2004
Short for lowbrow moment, a single story from www.lowbrow.com
Dude, I read a fuckin' hilarious moment today
by --- March 07, 2005
the area in the female crotch between the vagina and the asshole.
he kept pokin around but all he was tappin was splice.
by --- September 04, 2004
The sound MISSA (aka Mel) makes when she has sex with a black guy
Missa sure did BLEAT all night with that black penis
by --- May 30, 2003