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She is very very very very cool
You are very cool Emi
by --- December 19, 2004
an Australian expression that means "to eat dinner"
tea time
I have to go home and eat tea.
by --- December 08, 2003
"This Thing We Do"

Commonly used in the S&M/spanking community to refer to those activities.
TTWD is the shiznit!
by --- March 11, 2005
if you're on deck, you're prepared for a transaction
are you on deck?
by --- February 06, 2000
Commonly found as a picture. Usually of a person holding up a card that reads "I Love _______!" Commonly for Myspace
If someone makes a fagsign, ill post it up on my myspace and ill love you forever!
by --- March 03, 2005
Two little 5-6 year old girls holding hands walking to and from school
Hey, look at those two little kinderlesbos walking home from school
by --- January 24, 2005
A type of class where one does little/no work and plots to bring down the man. Financial backing provided by Chattahoochee Tech/The souls of the innocent.
Person 1: I'm taking a Lemke class this semester!

Person 2: OMGWTF!!!111!
by --- September 07, 2003
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