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Possesing an above-average lameness. A combination of the words "Boo" and "Lame".
Alexa and Chris are boolame! They come up with nonsensical words when they "MSN hangout".
by -=Chris=- July 07, 2005
An incredible, jaw-droppingly amazing species of owl that resides in the twisted minds of a handful of unique individuals.
Aliya: What's that?!
Chris: Why that's the majestic Wowl returning to the nest it has carved within my mind.
by -=Chris=- July 29, 2005
A descriptive word for certain situations where individuals find themselves in both a "fluffy" and a "fucky" state of mind.
Alexa hit up that crystal meth! She's flufffucked!
by -=Chris=- July 07, 2005

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