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5 definitions by T.J. Jackson

Penitentary jargon;karma- 'good or bad';"you will reap what you sow";
Okay Bugs,"You snitched on me"! Remember this,"What goes around comes around"!
by T.J. Jackson November 26, 2003
226 100
Believing a lie;falling for a scam;a con-game;untruths;fraud etc.
Well we went for the old okie-doke again when we fell for BUSHY`S lies about Iraq`s w.m.d.`s!
by T.J. Jackson November 26, 2003
311 196
A part man-part reptile demon;a member of the Illuminati;a pteroid;a ciakar;a mothman;the Jeepers Creepers flying demon dude;reptile like demons that devour human flesh and blood;what the Illuminati consists of as far as members.
Dude,It totally blew me away when I read that Dubya and the Queen mum are alleged reptiloids,whoa!
by T.J. Jackson November 26, 2003
23 6
The vaporous trails left behind by both U.S. passenger and military jet aircraft not to be confused with CON-TRAILS (Condensation trails)from aircraft especially in the 50`s and 60`s. A cloud like trail released by NWO jets that is extremely toxic to homo sapiens but not their space alien enemies. A chemical soup released at altitudes between 15,000 and 40,000 feet,which has been analyzed and found to contain the follwing:influenza agents ;anthrax; smallpox;arsenic;lead;cadmium;aluminum;antimony;barium,radioactive waste;polychlorides,oils;dioxin and malathion among other poisons fatal to mankind.
I am sure glad that the aircraft mechanic discovered the spray tanks and nozzles along with the "toxic soup" for CHEM-TRAILSaboard that U.S. airliner,or Americans might have never known about the NWO`s world-wide genocide program.
by T.J. Jackson November 26, 2003
40 34
Penitentary jargon. A fool;a moron;a young inexperienced person of low intelligence.
Hey Whitey,check out the "fresh fish"is he a RUMPKIN or what,haha?
by T.J. Jackson November 26, 2003
19 17