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Penitentary jargon;karma- 'good or bad';"you will reap what you sow";
Okay Bugs,"You snitched on me"! Remember this,"What goes around comes around"!
by T.J. Jackson November 26, 2003
Believing a lie;falling for a scam;a con-game;untruths;fraud etc.
Well we went for the old okie-doke again when we fell for BUSHY`S lies about Iraq`s w.m.d.`s!
by T.J. Jackson November 26, 2003
A part man-part reptile demon;a member of the Illuminati;a pteroid;a ciakar;a mothman;the Jeepers Creepers flying demon dude;reptile like demons that devour human flesh and blood;what the Illuminati consists of as far as members.
Dude,It totally blew me away when I read that Dubya and the Queen mum are alleged reptiloids,whoa!
by T.J. Jackson November 26, 2003
The vaporous trails left behind by both U.S. passenger and military jet aircraft not to be confused with CON-TRAILS (Condensation trails)from aircraft especially in the 50`s and 60`s. A cloud like trail released by NWO jets that is extremely toxic to homo sapiens but not their space alien enemies. A chemical soup released at altitudes between 15,000 and 40,000 feet,which has been analyzed and found to contain the follwing:influenza agents ;anthrax; smallpox;arsenic;lead;cadmium;aluminum;antimony;barium,radioactive waste;polychlorides,oils;dioxin and malathion among other poisons fatal to mankind.
I am sure glad that the aircraft mechanic discovered the spray tanks and nozzles along with the "toxic soup" for CHEM-TRAILSaboard that U.S. airliner,or Americans might have never known about the NWO`s world-wide genocide program.
by T.J. Jackson November 26, 2003
Penitentary jargon. A fool;a moron;a young inexperienced person of low intelligence.
Hey Whitey,check out the "fresh fish"is he a RUMPKIN or what,haha?
by T.J. Jackson November 26, 2003

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