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in Point Pleasant, west virginia, there is a flyin beast called the mothman. wittnesses say that it appears to be a big, dark, tall man but sprouts wings from behind its back. the most recognizable trait are its big glowing red eyes. since the 1960s many sightings have been reported. it also has a reputation of chasing ppl. i must say, the mothman is one of the scariest cryptids out there.
If u go to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, ur in for a suprise.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e June 30, 2005
A winged beast resembling a moth. When it's wings are spread it creates almost a circular looking body. It is a mythical creature seen mostly in the Utah area and by some thought to be responsible for the collapse of the bridge over silver lake.
Mrs. Rushing looks kind of like the moth-man when she flies to get her under aged victims.
by snibbity June 29, 2009

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