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2 definitions by Settit

Ideally a Communist mantra. Exists in hip-hop and popular r'nb songs aswell. More money would lead to more problems for the one that possesses the money. Hence making money the problem.
US president: Communism will never succeed, Capitalism is the way forward.
Castro: Mo' money, mo' problems
by Settit November 09, 2008
A state of mind in which one is calm and impassive and does not betray their true emotions. Nothing phases one who is zen.
Erica: Hey Jackie, do you wanna go the mall today?
Jackie *being zen but not rude*: Whatever.
Erica: So is that a yeah?
Jackie: Thats cool.
Erica *losing her cool and thus any sense of zen*: ??????
by Settit November 09, 2008