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person from eritrea-not to be mistaken with ethiopian (neighbouring countries-both in africa)
"she was eritrean bruv"
#eritrea #eri #asmara #habisha #death on the stairs
by Settit June 24, 2006
A person who is from Eritrea
Isaias Afewerki is the president of Eritrea
by swamibandit May 13, 2005
A person from Eritrea, a small African state located beside Ethiopia in East Africa.
Many people thought the girl was Ethiopian, but she was actually Eritrean.
by patannie June 06, 2005
Someone from Eritrea, the country in East Africa.
Issayas Afeworki president of Eritrea is not Eritrean. He is originally from Ethiopia.
#eritrean #eritrea #eretrawi #africa #east africa
by WediEre July 23, 2008
Used by The Libertines in their song Death On The Stairs.No-one actually knows what it means.
From way far across the sea
Came an eritrean maiden she
Had a one track mind and eyes for me
Half blinded in the war
by Lordette Marz January 07, 2005
in a libertines song, death on the stairs. i think it has something to do with a an ethopian girl thats used some kind of missionary (a pale young anglican? or is that pete)
an eritrien maiden she had one track mind and eyes for me half blinded in a war
by justjj May 30, 2005
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