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someone who is highly appealing to you in looks. Another word for buff.
Omd, dat boy is ovvvvva choong.
by ***** November 05, 2003
A person who thinks he can "tak' the jaw aff ye"
Hink yer a wideo ya wee dick?
by ***** August 10, 2004
Central scotland origin a mixture of broad scots and dubble dutch. First occurance's of dialect sprung up in Carluke,lanarkshire.
Wer's tha Ganj Hendy? Aw fuck, ah left it in the Hiznoose.

*also see
Siznair " Aah ma stomachs siznair"
Whizznitey " He's just Whizzniteyed"
by ***** August 10, 2004
fo sho...or also used to say shit
that ass is bangin
"fo shizzle"
oh shizzle my nizzle
by ***** July 08, 2003
my little baby!!!! i love her so much. so everyone can just fuck off!!!
i love you blanche
by ***** December 05, 2003
What up, we's God and Jesus, innit. Word up to this Jamieism shit, we be converting, word! Peace out.
P.S. Christianity: We's coming to shoot your block up.
Gets some guns, find some mother fucking christians, shoot their rides, cribs and bitches up! Yeah criggers, take that you bitches!
Peace out!
by ***** January 05, 2005

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