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As above, just a plain smart arse, and as Charlie says, nobody likes a smart arse!
Can be used as a question, to see if someone is heading for a severe doin'!
Coming wide?
Ya wee wideo
by Kelly Coyle December 05, 2003
some one who acts like they're important- with a swagger
That wee wideo was acting like he was king but Paul sorted him out
by Paul "the gift" Duncan September 20, 2003
A person who thinks he can "tak' the jaw aff ye"
Hink yer a wideo ya wee dick?
by ***** August 10, 2004
Hybrid of the words video and widow; a person (usually a woman) whose spouse or significant other spends most of their time playing video games, so much so that the person feels like a widow. Wideo can be used alone or in conjunction with the game or gaming system being used (or in this case abused).
"Toni is a Worlds of Warcraft Wideo--her husband spends more time on the computer than on her!"

"All the Wii Wideos in my family threatened to take our Nunchucks and beat us with them if we didn't stop playing so much!"
by Eric T. James January 08, 2008
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