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An intentional misspelling of "Damn it" for use in online settings such as chat, esp. in reference to things not working correctly.
File transfer fail. Damnet!
by ≈δ∂≈§ҨŰÎЯЯŁЭУ January 31, 2011
When people are too stupid to know how to properly spell out Damn It!
Emmit: Adam, could you please move to Atlanta already?
Agi: I am trying Damnet!!
Frenchie: Geez can't you guys speak english?
by Emmitbrown August 21, 2010
the word people sometimes confuse with the phrase "damn it".
Stubborn boys like to use it alot and do not care if you tell them otherwise.
IAN! BRAD! DAMN IT it is NOT damnet!!
by CC and Becca February 06, 2009
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