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The buttocks of a grossly obese individual. Most often a ghastly and unnerving sight to behold
Crikey me! Look at the fattocks on that Mc Donalds addict!
by [Harry^Hardcore) June 21, 2007
When someone wakes you up by emitting a fart in your face.
That tramp tomass pulled a mumrah on me this morning! Just he wait till he finds the surprise i left in his cereal bowl, heh
by [Harry^Hardcore) July 27, 2006
A person who is so intensely dull, that no matter what they talk about, they manage to bore you senseless!
That chap that no one likes is a complete omnibore
by [Harry^Hardcore) September 12, 2007
Originates from the word bifkin although I thought it up in bens car the other day. Basically it is when someone makes contact with your biff! In either a pleasurable way (a kiss for example) or a painful way (eg. a kick!) Though obviously a kick is way more of a surprise. Heh
'He came up behind me and gave me a harsh bifkinder surprise, then he pinched my wallet, the fag!'
by [Harry^Hardcore) November 10, 2004
To sneakily let go of a fart that requires a bit of effort to let out, and then the u play it all innocent.
Arr harry i herd u squizzle that one out, dont try to keep a straight face!
by [Harry^Hardcore) January 29, 2005

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