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Someone who sends SMS messages made up of words from two or more languages.

Example: Guten Tad meine Dame... you're hot today!
Sometimes we txt in german, and sometimes we txt in english... guess that makes us bi-txtual.
by [502] KanocAnoc March 21, 2010
A situation where any action is Futile because you're screwed anyway it plays out.
Sandy tried to clean up the mess while waiting for the boss to come back, but it was an act of screwtility.

After finding used condom wrappers in the wash, Joe knew that it was an act of screwtility trying to explain this one to his wife.
by [502] KanocAnoc May 18, 2010
A rare and abnormally large bowl movement with signature length or girth or quantity because it resembles an Elk dropping.

An elk-loaf is often considered a masterpiece and thus frequently not flushed by the artist, so it's often associated with people prompting each other to go and view it.
1. Guys, I just laid an elk-loaf in there... I didn't have the heart to flush it.

2. Someone left an elk-loaf in the men's restroom... stall #2. You gotta go in there and look, that thing is enormous. I bet a 450 lb. person must have laid it.
by [502] KanocAnoc May 20, 2010
Noun: Whack-er

1. A wanna-be hacker...A person who claims to have "god-like" or "Hacker" computer skills without actually possessing the abilities.

2. Someone who uses hacker toolkits with no real hacking knowledge.
George is a whacker. He tried to "hack" work when he got fired, but he got busted by the cops because he did it all from his home computer without hiding his IP address.

Whackers are easily spotted because they often misquote technical facts from television shows like CSI and NCIC and make unfounded claims about their ability to use NMAP.

The Internet has spawned an entire group of whackers... users with little computer education and open access to hacker-grade toolkits. Imagine this group of whackers as a group of children playing with guns... it's only a matter of time before someone gets shot.
by [502] KanocAnoc March 18, 2010

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