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To poop on the floor on the top level of a double decker bus.
Someone was in the first level bathroom so Becky pulled a British Upper Decker.
by @catfur June 25, 2012
One who lies on their resume about having bartending experience, but in actuality can only open twist off beers.
Terry poured Canadian Club into someone's club soda, that's when we knew he was a beertender.
by @catfur June 25, 2012
When no one retweets you for a while on Twitter.
It was a long and dreary twinter, but Tim retweeted my wiener joke and all was good again!
by @catfur July 02, 2012
Standing outside of a Boston Market in a chicken suit while handing out fliers.
"Yeah, I'm in Marketing, *whispers* boston marketing"
by @catfur July 02, 2012
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