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Male/Female, Flailing while shit-faced and shwasted.
"Dude did you see those two chicks, they were flailing inside Walmart at 4 in the morning and they looked really shit faced and shwasted they were f-ing flaishted."
by $MONEY$ October 16, 2012
when two vice lords pass by, or join each other in a place, another way of sayin hi, or how are u doing
hey, wattup lord, where you going?
by $Money$ June 09, 2005
When a person is so gay (happy) they are bubbly.
I went into chapotle this after noon and met a guy who worked there. He didnt have a great smile, but he was really bubbly and super gay (happy). He was totally bubble-gay.
by $MONEY$ October 26, 2012
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