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a very nasty and some what ugly whore . most likely dirty on the inside.
hey, anyone got ten dollars? I see a 3rd rate whore on that street corner. I think the worst thing she could give me is the clap.
by $CREEDS$ April 11, 2008
that feeling of fake nostalga that you get when you finish watching an old episode of one of your favorite T.V. shows that IS NOT A SUMMER RE-RUN, but you actually going online and finding a it to watch for ypur own entertainment.
I juat watched like the first two season of Yu-Yu Hakusho online, and at the beginning and ending of every episode, they played a song that absolutely gave me Hakusho-syndrome even though I knew it was totally fake and that the pain they endured was insane.
by $CREEDS$ February 26, 2009
fucking ugly. a fucking ugly person, like a transexual or a hag.
man, why do guys get sex changes. They must know that after the surgey they're gonna be fugly ,and never gonna get some
by $CREEDS$ April 11, 2008
the lowest level of gamer(and or) life. They r da ones noobs crush
man, that was my first online game in any madden game and the firt time i bought one and i still poned that 20year old's stanker. i love the taste of noob sauce.
by $CREEDS$ August 08, 2008
The ability for any guy(like myself) to tell the gender of anyone writing a lenghty definition(about 15-20 lines) with regular english words. This is when you are able to pick apart the gender of the writer(easiest to spot women who are trying to prove something or make it look like they know a whole lot about the subject and that you don't) by the words that they use. biggest clue word ever for a smart allickey girl is the use of the word-menstrual- instead of a more insulting word, like bitch cycle or bitch switch. If they say menstrual in their definiton they are either a really sheltered kid who has really forward parents or a female.
jack: hey man, you know I was playing halo last night, and this noob kept trying to snipe me, so I turned around and charge 100 feet towards the punk with a shotgun and shot its ass up.
He start whining over his headpiece that I cheated and wasn't allowed to shoot its character so i told it to turn off the bitch switch. making fun of it for being a fruit. then it typed.
Punk Noob: don't make fun of the menstrual system you cheater!

Jack: Wow, you really need to work on your girl voice you punk ass bitch, maybe next time I won't mistake you for a guy when I hear your voice, good thing my girl check sense is strong when it comes to typed words.

by $CREEDS$ January 06, 2009
The act of getting hit by a combo from a warrior in Lord of the rings conquest while you are a scout, mage, or archer. This normally resolves in death unless you got a warrior ally or hero right next to you.
Enemy Warrior: Aghh! there's a scout over there that is about to assasinate my archer cover fire, better go combo him fast before he gets away.

Scout(you): wtf! aghh a warrior! damnit! damn, he fucking comboed my ass before I could get away!
by $CREEDS$ January 06, 2009
An Absolute beast! Proof of not being a nazi, or gay!
Damn Fhagets! What Palm Beach Florida, and all of California Really Need r more gay bashers!
by $CREEDS$ June 18, 2008

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