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The one and only continuous never ending debate with a single argument, being the counter argument itself. Several persons may join the debate at any time, not causing any interruption or disruption.
(... Hours later)

-no u
-No you.
-No u.
-Hi there...
-no you.
-no u
-No you
-no uu
-NO you
-NOu YoU
-no uou
-no you
-no u

by #Hole January 16, 2010
It's when you love porn, breathe porn, eat porn, masturbate at porn and porn porn.
-Hamed: Man I think I'm pornophilaholic...
-James: lol what? How do you know that?
-Hamed: Well, I watched like 8GB of porn. And it was this morning, before even taking my breakfast.
-James: What the fuck...
by #Hole May 09, 2010

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