Apr 29
Pitch correction software specifically for vocals that makes up for a lack of natural singing talent. 90% or more of all "professional" recordings use this software.
An extreme example is that horrific Cher song from a few years back, and the Kid Rock song where is voice is all fucked up. Used in moderation it can hardly be heard except by a trained ear.
Remember before autotune, when singers could actually sing?


Man, that chick sings so bad not even autotune can fix it.
by BennyW February 01, 2007
Apr 28
When two male best freinds officially end thier friendship over a lame disagreement, usually concerning a girl.
Spencer and Brody got a dudevorce over Lauren.
by Ellen T. October 08, 2007
Apr 27
A person medically qualified by Google's search engine to diagnose symptoms of sickness.
Mrs. Smith: My son has Dengue fever. I searched it on Google.

Dr. James: Really? That's what Google says? Send him to emergency immediately!

Dr. James: *note to self: Mrs. Smith's Son is fine. Mrs. Smith however has a case of Dr Google.
by biLLiDinHo/fLaVinHA April 18, 2009
Apr 26
The past tense of "tweeting" on Twitter.

Meridith Vieira: "Oh, do you Twitter? Tweet?"

Stephen Colbert: "I have twatted."

Meridith Vieira: "Actually, so have I."
by Frothboy March 20, 2009
Apr 25
Any concoction of alcohol used to help tolerate a person, a place, or a situation.
In theory, the more tolerance juice you consume, the less annoyed you will be.

Without tolerance juice the person, place, or situation is quite simply, well, intolerable and you could potentially slip into a rage blackout.

Warning: Excessive consumption of tolerance juice may result in memory loss and/or loss of clothing.
BRO1: 'Hey, let's go check out that new bar across the street.'
BRO2: 'I hear it's not that great.'
BRO1: 'Come on, 5 minutes. Real quick, if it's lame, we'll come back here.'
BRO2: 'Okay, let me just finish my tolerance juice first!'

GIRL1: 'Uh, were you just talking to your ex over there?'
GIRL2: 'Yeah, he came up and started rambling about how he misses me or whatever.'
GIRL1: 'What did you say to him?'
GIRL2: 'Nothing, all I could think of was coming back over here and ordering more tolerance juice so I don't have a rage blackout!'
GIRL1: 'Let's get some shots!!'
by nshay April 22, 2009
Apr 24
When a twitter user has a one-way conversation with a celebrity so that to the users followers, it seems like they are talking to a celebrity and thus are instantly über-cool in the eyes of their followers, when in fact they are a loser with nothing better to do than have a fake conversation with themselves.

Similar to name dropping IRL, but even more annoying and even less likely to be true.
Tweet-Dropper: @BritneySpears How did the barbecue go? I heard Justin Timberlake was there too >.< awkward?

Tweet-Dropper (A few minutes later, without a reply from Britney): @BritneySpears Haha yes, I suppose after a while it got pretty normal for both of you, you must go to loads of the same things!

Tweet-Dropper (Again few minutes later, still without any replies from Britney): Yeah, it's been great! How do you squeeze so much into 140 chars lol? =P

Tweet-Dropper's Follower: Wow, this guy I'm following is having a conversation with THE Britney Spears!

Tweet-Dropper (To self): They are totally falling for my Tweet-Dropping!
by James Xuan April 22, 2009
Apr 23
The stream of the word "recalculating" coming from your car's GPS when the car changes direction, loses signal, etc.
"When the car went through that mile long tunnel, our GPS was doing the recalculating rap all the through."
by geniusonwheels April 18, 2009
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