Nov 14
Single for the night
"Lets hit the club, I'm sftn."
by leangasm November 03, 2015
Nov 13
A penis that endures no sexual intercourse for a long period of time (it does not get wet)
Man... It's been awhile. I'm getting an ashy dick
by Ranch Cucamonga boy November 04, 2015
Nov 12
Going more than 25 weeks deep into someone that you fantasize about's Instagram Page and not liking any pictures.
Gurl#1: i was insta-lerking Dequans page last night.
Gurl #2: Did you like any pictures?
Gurl #1: Hell no, i was 56 weeks deep into that page gurl!!!!
by awesomeboy0316 November 04, 2015
Nov 11
Meaning that you're you. No mistakes and you are on guard. You take care of yourself.
Hey man, you okay? Yeah man, I'm on my shit.
by GottaBeReal­čĺ» November 02, 2015
Nov 10
A backdoor girl. One who can't be trusted. A girl who is all about opportunity and doesn't care who gets hurt. Her feelings are never real and turned on and off based on "what's in it for her". As a friend, you can never confide in them, because if it suits them, they will betray you without a second thought. As a girlfriend, well let's say, you are in for an emotional roller coaster and she at the controls. But it won't be long before she finds what she thinks is a better ride and you will be conveniently shelved, to fuck with later. Dont bring her around any of your successful friends unless you are trying to get rid of her.
"Wow, I just saw your boyfriend with Sarah, I thought she was your best friend? What a trifling bitch!"
by SKYDOG November 04, 2015
Nov 9
an exclamation shouted by social media users everywhere when referring to someone without "shoe game". originated as a vine, and can sometimes be funny, but lots of lame people don't say it with enough force and end up looking extremely awkward.
kid: "mom, I got one question for you."
mom: "oh alrigh-"
kid: "what are those? ." *points to moms loafers*
by leriggz August 06, 2015
Nov 8
A way of descretely telling someone you want oral sex.

A nice way to tell someone to give you a blow job, to eat you out, or to get into the 69 position.
Guy: lets fuck.
Girl: okay give me some facetime!
by XxstarburstxX November 04, 2015
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