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Wordplay on the phrase Trigger Happy; used to describe somebody who 'likes' every suggestion on Tinder, the matchmaking smartphone app.
Guy 1: "I went a bit Tinder Happy last night when I was drunk, and now I've got so many fugly matches"

Guy 2: "You wanna be careful or you'll give yourself Tinderitis"
by Wmm1989 December 30, 2013
Adjective: to sound Caucasian when you are not, usually to someone's surprise.
When someone of non - white background sounds white and it catches you by surprise because you expected to hear them sound ethnic and you say, "wow, they're whitespoken".
by datshitfunny March 24, 2014
when the tip of a penis slip out of the bottom or the hole on your underwear
while peter was walking around the house he had a tip slip in front of his roommate
by Big Daddy J May 06, 2014
Noun. A condition wherein a social media user or person having a conversation via text is unable to determine whether a remark and set of remarks is intended to be sarcastic, or in which the context or tone may be misconstrued, without the use of aides such as "lol" or a select set of emoticons, thus rendering them socially inept with regard to such mediums.
"I got in a huge fight with Sara over Facebook because my Textpergers was acting up and I thought she was joking about her cat dying. She wasn't."
by rikachen March 23, 2014
When you fart in the elevator and leaving it then someone calls the elevator up along with your farts rendering them surprised by your intense gases.

You can be either the giver or a recipient of an elevator surprise.
I left an elevator surprise so bad that when I called the elevator back I can still smell my own farts.

I was the victim of an elevator surprise. It smelled like egg flavored strudel.
by zaqwerty1 March 23, 2014
Verb: The act of using of the internet. i.e. surfing the world wide web
Infinitive: To internet
1. The other day I was internetting, and I found a video of a dolphin taking a bong rip.

2. Bro, do you even internet?
by Heisenberg's Pimp March 22, 2014
rhetorical question used by teenagers. "turn up" is the act of getting drunk and high and being reckless so "turn down" would mean sobering up. turn down for what is really saying i am fucked up and will continue to be all night no matter what. the only appropriate answer to this question would be "nothing"
Johnny: turn down for what ?!
Ben: The cops and my dad.
Johnny: You're a pussy! TURN DOWN FOR NOTHING
by Blair Waldourf October 14, 2013