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The façade of being a stable, normal, attractive, & healthy person on a first date; similar to a game face for any difficult situation. Will lead to a second date but easily dissolves by the third.
Last night’s date was fantastic. I was charming, polite and kind. I had my date face on! We’re going on out again this weekend and I hope I can keep it up.
by timbre68 January 29, 2014
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y u mad
Pug: all you do is make infestors
You: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
by prodddd June 20, 2011
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the feeling of relief, happiness, excitement, and euphoria one feels when their team wins a game in the final moments of a game.
Final second field-goal game winners generally produce sportgasms.

Blocking the last penalty kick to win the match can generally produce a sportgasm.

After Vince Young's touchdown run to beat USC in the 2006 Rose Bowl National Championship game, I had a sportgasm.
by Señor Verde December 09, 2009
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One of the ultimate insults and comebacks of the world, along with "So's your face", "That's what she said" and "Ya Mum".

It is said either by the person who insulted you, or a by stander who witnessed the insultation.

Can be used quite effectively with others in the "Ultimate Insult" group.
Trever: Hey do it harder, man!
Donald: That's what ya mum said!
Ben: Oooooooh Burn!
by Nothing But Rock September 05, 2008
4692 5705
Having an orgasm before making an important decision.
I had to have a Tactical Orgasm to clear my head before that Marketing meeting.
by 'Fuck Yeah!', Inc. July 09, 2013
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A marlin is a hot ass chick -- similar to pulling in a massive fish against all odds. Pictures are usually taken with the marlin (to share on Facebook later). A mullet is the opposite -- similar to reeling in a line and wondering how that fish ate your bait.
Daddy: "Dude! Did you see that girl I was talking to at the bar?! Marlin status."
Murray: "Marlin? Um...more like mullet. Total marlin vs. mullet confusion. I took a photo of you guys and put it on Facebook. I tagged it #thewrongkindofbigfish."
by PDS CMT January 28, 2014
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CBA = Can't Be Arsed.

CBA is a severe form of laziness.

Often comparable to a psychological/medical condition. CBA is most common in teenagers around the age of 16-17 years of age.
Person 1: You coming?
Person 2: Nah, I've got a severe case of CBA.

Person 1: What's wrong?
Person 2: I'm suffering from a chronic case of CBA.
by Paul O'R May 12, 2004
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