Mar 9
One extremely large meal consumed in a day as opposed to the standard three.
"I generally don't wake up hungry, but when I do get around to eating it ends up becoming a snakemeal."
by dawdlepants March 07, 2016
Mar 8
Some one who does not wipe there ass or has not tooken a shower recently and stinks like shit
My cousin lenny smells like swamp ass after playing battlefield for 5 hours straight.
by Supparad70 February 04, 2016
Mar 7
When you touch someone or something with your erect penis and it releases static electricity.
I accidentally gave my spouse the electric hammer and now I can only pleasure them after rubbing my stocking feet against a carpeted floor.
by Sharkshooter February 04, 2016
Mar 6
(adj.) Describes the sensation of realizing that there are too many boys around.
Jess: Why did you run out onto the porch?
Michele: I couldn't take it in there. I was boytrapped.
by ModernSuccess2000 February 04, 2016
Mar 5
The rule stating a DOUBLE TEXT is ok AS LONG AS the second text message is sent within 5 seconds of the first.
I double texted Shelly, but it was ok cuz I used the Five Second Rule of Texting.
by Piledriver10000 February 29, 2016
Mar 4
To get down on your knees and suck his cock! Or dick, penis, or whatever.
Get on your knees. bitch!
#knees #get on your #fuck #blowjob #blow job #oral #oral sex
by OldRockSongs October 20, 2008
Mar 3
When you become pregnant from having anal sex the baby is called an "asshole baby"
We didn't have condoms and thought anal would be safer, little Johnny is an asshole baby!
by BozoRozo February 29, 2016
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