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The ratio of thigh to butt on a woman; easily viewable by a visible "crease" between the thigh and butt. The thigh to butt ratio is larger based on the length of the crease.
Steve to Tim: Damn, look at that girl's thigh butt. I would just love to put my hand in that crease...or maybe just swipe my ATM card.
by damadalpha January 30, 2009
1)To go crazy in the elevator: a girl attacking, punching, clawing, throwing objects and kicking a well dressed man who in turn tries to avoid being kicked, punched and hit with all of the above.
2)A girl who tries to hit anyone in an elevator uncontrollably.
3)A girl who tries to cause an altercation, argument in an elevator.
4)Violent drunk girl looking for a fight.
1)That girl gone solange on Johhny in the elevator. She was so angry at him!

2) That girl gone solange on those people in the elevator! She was pissed at all of them.

3)Desiree gone solange!! She picked a fight with those peeps in the elevator!
A passenger who is constantly on your ass about your driving skills. He/she constantly cautions you to keep a safe distance from the car in front of you, checks that you're obeying the speed limit, and is always quick to point out your navigational errors.
Guy riding shotgun: "Could you slow down a little? We're dangerously close to exceeding the speed limit by 5 mph."
Driver: "Quit being such a harassenger."
by cWeezy March 29, 2014
When you have plenty of food to keep you well nourished, but you gluttonously want or desire more than you need. To "feel" hungry even though you ate today. As defined by Louis C.K. on March 29, 2014.
"I am first world hungry, I would <like> a donut." --Louis C.K.
by 1eyed Jack March 29, 2014
1) One who is a worthless mom in real life but posts photos of them with their kids like; #lovemybabies #kidsaremylife

2) A mom who spends 5 hours a night at the club, 10 hours a day asleep, 4 hours a day working, 2 hours a day shopping/eating/drinking coffee with her girls, an hour and a half showering and getting dressed, and 30 minutes with her kids taking "usies" and posting to facebook using hashtags such as: #mylife #allaboutthem #allday #mommasangel
"Girl did you see Becky on Facebook with her kid?"

"Yeah girl, we had just come home from the club when she took it! We were so wasted!"

"Yeah she's a total facebook mommy!"
by adnamasenoj March 08, 2014
wik-ee-ped-nt (n.)

1. a person who is excessively concerned with looking up minor details and rules on wikis (notably Wikipedia) or with displaying their internet-learning, esp. when it has just been learned.
2. a person who adheres rigidly to the content of wiki pages without regard to common sense.
3. a person who is v. ostentatious or condescending when engaged in the above behavior.

Other forms: wikipedantic (adj.), wikipedantry (n., an example of wikipedantic behavior)
The wikipedant was constantly on her phone, checking and correcting our ENTIRE conversation.
by Shaestorms May 01, 2014
Wordplay on the phrase Trigger Happy; used to describe somebody who 'likes' every suggestion on Tinder, the matchmaking smartphone app.
Guy 1: "I went a bit Tinder Happy last night when I was drunk, and now I've got so many fugly matches"

Guy 2: "You wanna be careful or you'll give yourself Tinderitis"
by Wmm1989 December 30, 2013