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A type of bun made by Mennonites which translates to "two-bake" from Low-German (Plautdietsch) because it is baked twice. If you try to put butter on one of these you will get the evil eye, as it has the butter baked in already. Jam is perfectly acceptable, however, and even expected. It is also acceptable to dunk them in coffee or to eat them with cheese/meat/pickles like a sandwich.

They have a funny shape which may remind you of a boob, a snowman without a head, a matryoshka doll or even your rotund little grandma.
Cousin 1: Dude your grandma's thicc af.
Cousin 2: Damn straight, she been eatin' those zwieback for days son. But dude, she's your grandma too.
Cousin 1: It's hard to keep track of whom I'm related to and in what way.
by PastaLass February 25, 2017
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