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Zoraia. A really rare name that is not usually used. She is a person of mystery ,passion and love. But don't get on her bad side . She tends to have a low temper but can control herself at times. She chooses her friends wisely. She can only trust people who yes it her. She is caring and crazy, loves music and sports . She is a girl that u would regret taking for granted . Don't ever disobey her trust and friendship. She will always be there for you in your worst times. She is stunningly gorgeous and sweet. She can be loud at times but she will always find ways to make you laugh. She will always follow herself and be her own leader . She is strong and can take risks. Zoraia is an awesome person. You will be lucky to meet her. And if your best friends with her, she'll stick up for you no matter what.
Zoraia is a very energetic ,loving, loyal and trust worthy girl.
by Elpassion May 17, 2018
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