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An ancient mythological creature still to be researched in depth. One sighting of the zomgbat exists in the 12th century in the town now known as Pripyat in Russia. The chronicler describes the creature as "A horrific beast, wings as big as horses and the head of a fox. Wide eyed and sharp fanged with the cry of a thousand dying souls!" (Translation from G. Young 1812)

Rumours have escalated of the second coming of the zomgbat supposedly two years ago in a remote area of Scotland. "The batzomg has arrived. Pupils as black and sharp as the devils heart." (Dr Gawain Sipritus

The name zomgbat is applied to the popular PC game Call of Duty. On the multiplayer you will find the l33t skillz of $omgbat or Zomgbat.
"am in ur skyz, being a zomgbat"
by Gavin Alexander January 14, 2008
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