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A person who acts like a zombie at the sight or mention of breasts resulting in an uncontrollable appetite for breasts regardless of the size or shape.

Traditionally, zombies, a result of a terminal lethal condition, are the living dead that wonder around aimlessly in their endless search for brains to feed on. In contrast, zomboobies can have their condition reversed by removing stimuli relating to breasts in the immediate environment. However, when the zomboobie has condition has been activated all hell will break loose.

This condition may result in the zomboobie acting like (but definitely not limited too) a boob pirate, engage in boob pillaging and or boob nabbage.
Frank will turn into a zomboobie when he catches site of Heather's ample cleavage.
by hantav June 15, 2009
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1)A nice set of boobies on a zombie

2)When a hot girl gets turned into a zombie, she obtains zomboobies
Zombie-slayer: Damn! You got some nice zomboobies, I don't think I want to bash your face in.
Hot zombie: unnngh!
by extremebeginer November 23, 2010
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