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An unwanted app, usually pre-installed by the manufacturer, that cannot be uninstalled or disabled no matter how much the user attempts to get rid of it.
Zombie in the sense of "undead".
See also bloatware.
Google Play Newsstand is totally a zombie app.
by fayefujiko July 26, 2017
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A zombie app is something that you accepted online long ago and rarely heard from. Now, it's acting undead, contacting you out of nowhere. You panic because you thought you paid them to go away for three years. And, you probably did.

Your account is paid up but they have forty new offerings you don't want. They know you'll panic because you think you got amnesia and your website's about to be shut down for non-payment.

They're able to go into the false-alarm business because giving an online company your email was so innocent back then. So innocent...
Webintellects and Adobe used to be once-a-year passive resets. Now they're the undead--{zombie apps, spamming my email twice a week with rent-seeking advertising junk they want to sell me.
by Manabozhocoyote July 11, 2018
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