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(n) practical mix of the words 'Zionist' and 'Nazi' to compare the fascist mentality. The current zionazi ideology has developed as a result of the Nazi atrocities committed during the early part of the 20th century, and seems to have adopted many of its fascist ideas of ethnic cleansing, especially in Israel. In this holocaust memorial state and its surrounding areas (occupied Palestinian territories) you will find confirmation of racism being practiced against the Arabic speaking populations - even those who were born citizens of the state of Israel are regarded as second-class citizens. Segregation is the plan as is shown by the separation/isolation barrier (more of a segregation wall) designed to 'keep out suicide bombers/terrorists' or more likely to keep Muslims and Jews separated through apartheid of the former Palestinians by stealing their land.
The current Zionazism practices are eliminating Palestinian people, through the act of ethnic cleansing.
by SamOwaynat March 04, 2009
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