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Tiny person that is adorable in her own way. She can range from looking badass one day to a cute little shit the next. She's really quiet and awkward, but once you get to know her she is a blast to be around. She's quite nerdy but she hides it. Excellent music taste that isn't focused on one genre. i.e. heavy metal, rock, pop rock, punk rock, pop, classical, etc. However she wanders alone and doesn't seek relations with loved ones because she is independent and smart she doesn't need someone to complete her. She may look innocent and harmless on the outside, but if you mess with her she will manipulate you into paranoia and then death. But overall if you come across a Zindaory, cherish her well being and treat her right because she loves people, but is too awkward to actually approach them and create new friendships.
"Hey did you see Zindaory's outfit yesterday? She looked so adorable!"
"Yeah, but did you see her today? She looked fine as hell"
by coolkatz134 April 11, 2015
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