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A Chinese-European genius living in Budapest:
always ruins physics curves by acing the test,
goes by the title "president",
semi-hazardous chef (only to be cooking under supervision),
generous when severly intoxicated,
been known to engage in sporting activities with elderly persons,
eats everything.

commonly heard from groups of girls: "oooh, ziiiifeng !"

A: "Fuck, I failed my test."
B: "What happened ?"
B: nods understandingly
by kittykat13 October 15, 2007
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A really great partner who is always there and holds everyone else above themselves. And they are really hot. You would be really lucky if you ever date a guy called ZI Feng. They are thoughtful and funny, but psychopathic at times, ZI Feng is smart and an overachiever.
Girl 1: I'm dating someone.
Girl 2: what is his name?
Girl 1: Zi Feng
Girl 2: you are so lucky. They are really hot.
by _xxienY_ June 15, 2019
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Zi Feng is a word used to describe someone as Chinese, offensive and deadly. They will tend to carry some form of weapon with them too
Yo, is that a Zi Feng?
by oef_ July 08, 2019
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