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Zianna is a girl name. Any girl with this name should be proud not only because it's unique. This girl has traits that lots would kill for. She is absolutely gorgeous, even if she wasn't single se still would have guys crawling for her. She Doesn't like when guys like her for looks tho, she will snap when she feels someone likes her for that and she feels useless. Don't ever let a girl like this feel in any way that her looks are the only thing that matters. She is smart only when she chooses to be. She is shy, when meeting new people or being some where for her first few times. She loves her friends and family. She is obedient and respects every one even the people she hates. But she is the type of girl who could be taken advantage oF easily, she is way to gullible to people and doesn't tell people what she actually thinks. She doesn't notice her surroundings that much, easily distracted, forgetfull, clumsy. ALSO She will push her self aside causing her self more pain than any one can imagine. Tho it is her fault she puts everyone's needs infront of hers, yea it's nice but she needs to stop if she does. If you become close friends with her don't mess up because she won't forget what you did and she may act like she did but deep down inside what ever u did killed her inside harder than u thought it did. Any way this girl is also very funny she loves making people smile and laugh. She is also very sexually attractive, you may try to hide the fact but she is.
Try to be like Zianna in some ways
by Blah 191250 January 18, 2017
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