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A talented, beautiful Chinese girl. A little shy around new people sometimes but once you get to know her, she is very opened minded. She has all sorts of crazy ideas, very creative, very intelligent. Doesn't like to give up and refuse to leave a friend behind. Everything needs to be perfect for her or else she'll panic. Very classy and loves pink. Loves furry animals and likes to imitate random animal sounds such as the cat, the dog, the bird, the seagull, the frog and much more. Very popular in the artistic domaine. Very graceful with dance moves and learns quickly. Likes to be busy but loves to procrastinate a lot.

Can make anybody smile whenever she wants. Always feeling "meh" because she is always happy for other people but never happy for herself. Always fake smile because there's always something blocking her path of happiness
You are such a Zhiying!

it means that they are really talented, needs everything to be perfect and doesn't like to give up on no matter what.
by The random cat June 01, 2014
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A person who does not have much common sense, translated from chinese
How can u never heard about pewdiepie, u are so zhi ying
by Anonymous#69 September 13, 2018
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This girl is intelligent and can rehearse vines with fluency, she is the type of friend that won't hold back on her me. An every day zhiying is obsessed with Budding-pop and every time she walks into your dorm room she shouts with utmost confidence "HONEY IM HOME!". She is a rare species and her natural habitat is a comfy bed.
zhiying: a yeeter true to heart
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by HONKMYUNIVERSE December 10, 2018
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