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When something is so dank that it goes to an even higher tier of amazing
Mrs. Rachel makes very zesty memes with her youtube videos.
by Keemjane May 17, 2017
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A failure who projects insecurities on to others and feels entitled to fame and people owing him. Spazzing out like an idiot and showing the real lack of research he's done on bardock obama, constantly calling him "a Mexican fuck", just the classic white man's way of venting on the internet because he feels entitled. He also probably gets mad when people kneel during the national anthem (even though it's their right) and this Donald Trump is helping the working man.
"Hey do you know zestymemes?"
"Who is that?"
"Some lame ass entitled white dude, complaining about someone doing something better than them and them not getting fame for doing the same thing"
"That sounds like everyone on the internet..."
"That's my point zestymemes is a nobody"
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by Cun+ February 13, 2018
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