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Present Generation of young Zimbabwean of Card carrying Zanu PF parents, who having witness to the looting and subsequent failure of the Zimbabwean economy have taken on the mantra that the world owes them something.
While running a student Digs in Grahamstown for Rhodes University students for close to ten years, I've had the pleasure of getting to know many Zimbabweans as tenants, then and now. Still the 2008 intake was a rude awakening. The housed group of friends, established a squatter camp, abused the house's shared power bill and had neighbours calling complaining to me about drunken public "urinating-for-distance" contests from the house-front steps, or repeatedly calling the police for noise disturbance. The King Zanulinquent was resident for two years before avoiding signing his final lease, then skipping his last month’s payment leaving others to fit the bill ala this definition. Small Claims Court willing his underpants will be listed on very soon
by Dezdemona August 05, 2009
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