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A mix of the two horror creatures, Zombie and Vampire.
1) Me and my friend saw a zampire
2) OMFG NAIS!! A zampire!
by Forrest Coughin August 06, 2007
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Cross breed between a vampire and a zombie.

In most cases it is found that a vampire was bitten by a zombie but in some instances a vampire may bite a zombie before it is fully turned as the decay hasn't started and the zombie is mistaken for a human.

In both cases the subject retains it's original powers as well as receiving the power of the second breed. This leads to zombies that do not decay but retain the beauty and sexiness of a vampire although it eats humans as a zombie would. In other case the subject may decay and lose it's mental faculties, looking and acting as a zombie would, but only bites humans to drink there blood. Many other combinations of powers and characteristics of both can be found in such a cross breed.

Zampires tend to also lose sight of their normal prey and can be found attacking both vampires and zombies as well as the human race with abandon.

By combining the powers of the 2 they become stronger and more dangerous. It is also harder to kill a zampire due to the fact that until the subject is known and studied (which is hard to do with out falling victim to the zampire) it is unknown what their weekness is. In most cases though lopping off the head of a zampire will work in destroying them.
J was born a vampire, being the child of 2 very prominant vampires. In his teen years he was attacked by a swarm of zombies in the park. He was bit by one of the zombies during the struggle. Once healed from the bite, his parents noticed a slight change in him. He still looked and acted a lot like himself but there was a noticable changes in his mental functions. Not being as aware as he once was, often found wandering aimlessly. The biggest change in J was that he no longer drew the blood of his victims but ate them whole. Feeding on just the blood of his victims was no longer enough to sustain him. He was now a zampire and needed to be carefully watched.
by notsoS October 16, 2009
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noun. colloquial moniker for CSF vampires which feed exclusively on the cerebrospinal fluid of humans. This unusual behavior is due to the fact that zampires are a cross between a zombie and a vampire.
In other news, a young man was found dead in his dorm room - the apparent victim of a zampire attack. An autopsy revealed that he had been drained of all cerebrospinal fluid.
by dzero_SDMB October 28, 2010
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