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(adj) say: "ZAE-mus"; This adjective imparts a sense of distinguishment or notarity to the noun it modifies. Originally introduced via Tupac's nuanced prose in his posthumusly-published journal, the term has seen growing relevance in hip-hop culture at large, lately creaping into a "Snoop Dog" rap and appearing often in the standard MTV-laced fare of today's adolescent programing.
Yo, man, that Porsche is Zamos!
Yo man, nice threads! You're really Zamosed out tonight!
by John Malcom February 25, 2005
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Annoying cunt that says WELL THATS JUST SHOCKING like 24/7 and thinks he’s cool but is actually dumbfounded
This guy keeps on saying well that’s just shocking whenever i like even breathe it’s kinda Shan ya knaw

It’s Zamo the retard don’t worry he’s just a dumb person
by Lets kill furries together December 17, 2018
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Some wierd thing some guy named Jamie said


by zaaaamos August 27, 2003
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A white guy that looks like Jake Paul he also has blue eyes and sometimes he can be a dick but he is very kind and all the ladies want him he is usually not loyal but wants the attention to himself he also has a lot of black friends and is usually rich and will give money to those who want it.
Zamo-Damn you a nice guy!
by This dude right here May 18, 2018
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