An A class woman, if she was in beef family she’d be classified as Wagyu.

Smart and beautiful, elegant and adorable. A rhapsody that elates the feeling of hope. Her perfection walks amongst the riffs of Elonia and delivers reserruction. Known to be the opposite of merciless, she is unparalleled, bringing a moira of brilliance towards life.
Guy: I don’t know what I did to deserve a Zafira Adlyn.

Or in another context

Girl: I want to be reborn as Zafira Adlyn!

Zafira Adlyn: Never, there is only one! And my love stays with one forever as well! We will always meet, even in different or previous lives! I shall treat him as king as he treats me as queen !

Lastly in this context

K: Where do you wanna go eat?
Z:I don’t know, where do you wanna eat?
K: Can u not be a Zafira Adlyn and just answer?
by yoFuturechilD-DuaBibir January 4, 2018
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hey zafira if youre reading this i rlly like u. yes u im talking abt u. youre the only thing i think about, could be either ur face, ur hair, the moments we had, everything really. theres something about you that still lingers in my mind throughout these years, im still trying to figure it out but sucked. maybe, its just, you,the whole you. i can never get rid of you from my mind. ive tried moving on, trust me, tons of time, thats the reason why our friendship were on and off cus i was trying my best to solve this feelings that i have towards you. after countless attempts of moving on, i decided to give up and “you know what? im gonna stay”. so i did, 10 years and counting. 10 years and im still in love with you. im sorry for what ive done in the past, i never meant to kill our friendship over and over again,i bet ur fed up with me cus i am too. im still trying, hope thats okay with you. -z
i love you, zafira2, can we go out sometime?
by bobby and bobby junior November 22, 2021
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