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Zachahary is a guy just like Zachary except with a wild edge and a couple of extra letters. A Zachahary is hilarious and loves to make jokes that just might go over the line, though he doesn't care if they actually do or not. He is very passionate about his interests, which most often include politics, history, and philosophy. He is outspoken and has well-formed opinions which he knows how to defend. He is also very kind and loyal to his friends if they take the time to get through the tough exterior he likes to display. If you manage to snag a Zachahary as a boyfriend, or even better, a husband, count your lucky stars! This guy is a keeper and he will always strive to make you happy!
That guy is such a Zachahary, look at that philosophy book he's reading!
I'm so glad that my boyfriend is a Zachahary.
by zachahary3484 March 22, 2019
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