A swift motherfucker. Ladies man and gives all the males around him in a 5km radius a hard boner. He's got a massive dick and a sweet ass, that all the ladies swoon about. A massive fanbase of girls and men that pledge their sexuality and wave their dicks out to him. Gives the best burns and gives no shit if he insults someone.

His first followers were a blue angel, a kind boxer, a 'Hotdog' vendor, a digital terrorist and a security branch head.
His footstool is a fat dabbing beaver aka his classmate.
Sexually confused, so he has sex with all types.

He's also a duelist, with a fine ass.
"Damn! There goes Yusaku! Should I ask him for the 'thing'?"
"Nahh man..Yusaku is WAY out of your league, with that huge wiener and tight ass. He makes my baby twitch."
by IHeartBagels June 1, 2017
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