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An amazing girl that you will automatically fall in love with. She is very smart and nice. She is someone you would never want to break up with.
Yunuen has a nice personality.
Nice girl you have
I know her name is yunuen
Dang those girls are rare
by themexican71 June 13, 2014
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A Yunuen is a very nice and funny girl to hangout with. She doesn't care what people thinks about her and she doesn't take peoples bullshit. She will always be there for her friends, family, and her boyfriend. Don't lose a Yunuen if you ever get one because you will regret it. She will always find a way to make you laugh and she'll just make your day better every second. She is funny and sweet but can have serious attitude towards the people who messes with her. You'll fall instantly in love with her and never want to lose her.
Girl: I hate my life.
Yunuen: *slaps girl* Bitch don't say that again you have people who care about you and your life is amazing.
Girl: *hugs Yunuen* Thank you, I love you best friend!!
Yunuen: Love you too best friend.
by Aunuen Poebius June 09, 2018
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