A dollar bill that has been used on one side to wipe feces and then placed face down on a sidewalk as a prank for a greedy person to pick up.
John thought he scored a free dollar but was disgusted to find that it was a yuck buck.
by Mona N. Groanen February 20, 2008
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Noun. An unattractive, redheaded whore whose enormous appetite for food and sex can never be quenched. A Buck Yuck can often be found guzzling as much free beer as possible and flirting with every wasted guy at a party. Buck Yucks usually have attractive friends and often cock block other guys from them if they have no prospect of getting laid. Any man who has sex with a Buck Yuck will either die under her massive weight or under the massive ridicule he will certainly incur from his friends.
1. "Woah, man! Stop talking to that girl. She is a Buck Yuck!"
2. "After seeing that Buck Yuck at the party, I wont be able to spank it for a week."
by fonzarelli November 30, 2006
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