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Effect of ubiliquity of internet video postings upon politics and society, especially the increased need for vigilence by public speakers.
"YouTubification. . . . Thanks to sites like You Tube, folk in the public eye need to be forever vigilant about what they say and do."
- Ross Bowring,

"And then you have the youtubifiation of the world so you're always online literally, not figurative. . . . You're going to have a whole new generation of politicians {who} are going to live under a different level of scrutinization, the likes of which none of us have ever conceived. . . . And the reality that you're either going to be more authentic or more tepid -- one or the other -- you have 2 choices."
- Gavin Newsom, San Francisco Mayor, 12/19/2008 on KFOG
(hear it here:
at hour 3, time 25:37)

by Suzanne Emerson December 21, 2008
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