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A really dangerous disease that turns (sometimes previously pretty decent) human beings into arrogant dicks after they start adding videos on youtube. They don't have to have any kind of talent (there are very few with youtubergosis that do have talent!) which tends to make them seem to think they are incredibly attractive with an amazing personality and everyone should love them. Quite funny as youtube fame is very very little in comparasion to actual fame. Subscribers can be anywhere from a few hundred up to a few million (more research is needed to know exactly when this starts to take effect). People who have youtuberegosis tend to do things such as host "gatherings" to fuel their hungry ego and often assume that anyone who talks to them is just a fan of theirs. Some of them get youtuberegosis so bad that they have to refuse hanging out with people who little or no subscribers or youtube channel anymore and have to stick with other people who are suffering with the disease. Affects roughly 80% of the youtube content-creator population. There is currently know known cure for this epidemic.
"I have 100,000 subscribers, people who love me... I'm kind of a big deal."
"Whatever, I'm afraid you've caught youtuberegosis and turned into a massive douchebag. Bye."
by articusreel January 02, 2014
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