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A youtube asshole is just like the name says
It is a common species of asshole found on youtube, there are several forms of youtube asshole:

1. Troll/Attention Whore - Fags who are aged 12 - 20, have too much free time on their hands, can't make any good combacks for shit, and go on alotta popular music videos and say shit like "this band is shit, i hate it, omg "

2. Fame Faggot - A popular douchebag ex. Fred, or tosh who thinks he's all that, and has alott of haters because he deserves them

3. The other person who wrote this same definition - because he doesnt try, acts like a douchebag, and i dont like him
Search a video about justin bieber is a fag
many fangirls or YOUTUBE ASSHOLES will post stuff like "dont hate justin cuz he's better than u" or "ur just jealous"

these are actual messages i encountered for commenting:

1."i was gonna verbally tear your ass apart, but then i saw u were a kid so i didn't"

2."faggot get a life"
by kevinonurban January 17, 2011
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1. stupid assholes on youtube who have accounts and don't upload any videos

2. people on YouTube that sit in front of the webcam on thier monitor and rant about shit that either they no nothing about but have to put their 2 cents in or stupid shit that no one cares about

3. people that re-upload popular videos because their not creative enough to think of their own ideas or their own videos
Examples of YouTube assholes are
by qwertymf5 May 08, 2010
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