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Your muming is an urban game played from a vehicle. Usuall directed at chavs, townies or any group of yobish youths; your muming is a chance to return some abuse.

Whilst driving past a large group of the above mentioned sub-human species, the driver should slow down, and a passenger in the rear should roll the window down, and in a pretenscious snobbish voice shout "I say old chap, Your mum" at which point the driver will accelerate and depart quickly.

Your muming is an entertaining game, however participants should never conduct this activity in their own area, or else retribution may follow (If they can spell retribution that is) Please note this activity is only to be conducted against people who deserve it, attacking random members of the publinc in this manner will have you branded as low class chav scum
Your Muming: an activity for abusing people from a vehicle. But only people who deserve it.
by Huggie Monster December 25, 2005
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