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The worst insult of all time. It’s even worst than “your family tree lgbt” and once you say it, everyone’s dead relatives in which the other person knows will go to hell. You will also win all of your arguments with it and will shut up anyone you’re arguing it.
Person #1: your mum gay
Person #2: your dad lesbian
Person #1: No u
Person #2: your granny a tranny
Person #1: don’t make me do it
Person #2: your family tre-
Person #1: “Your god a fraud
Person #2: *instantly goes to hell with everyone’s ansesters in which he knows*
by panekthe3rd May 19, 2018
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The ultimate insult that not only kills the person exposed to it, but also kills their god as well as instantly teleport everyone in that belief into oblivion. The user has immunity to this insult even if they belong in the same belief.
John: Ur mom gay
Carl: ur dad lesbian
John: ur niece obese

Carl: *power level increasing

John: ur family tree lgbt
Carl: your god a fraud
*suddenly, a whisper, a United cry, was heard around the world as millions were sucked into oblivion

Carl: no u
by nay theeu June 02, 2018
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