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A korean name. aka poopieman.

Very intelligent and adventurous. The name poopieman originates from their tendency to associate faeces with chocolate. A silly humour they all have. Youngbin can also be a bit mean sometimes, but he usually comes around. Will make any woman lol three times. He's as brave as a lion. Youngbin is very ticklish, that is why some may call him Mr. Teeklez. Youngbin has an amazing body, as hard as a diamond e.g. Edward Cullen from Twilight. Overall, he's a pretty cool guy.
OH YOUNGBIN, share the chocolate, you poopieman!!
by Teeklez February 04, 2010
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- A complete moron, makes stupid people seem smart.
- A person who says moronic things.
Ex : Man1 - Dood I've seen a 70 oz CO2 tank
Man2 - ... You're such a young bin.

Ex : Man1 - Dood you're frigging stupid. I bet you can't spell egg.
Man2 - Yes I can! E-e-g!
by J1G May 20, 2008
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