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When the woman in a yogurt commercial spontaneously climaxes. The magic spoonful will cause the eyelids to flutter, her eyes to roll back in her head, and a coy grin to spread across her face. Not only is this, by demonstration, the best food she has ever tasted, but also the most arousing.
Exec: Jerry! Deadline's here! Where are we at with that new Yoplait TV spot?

Jerry: Uhh... well, we thought we might just run another yogurgasm...

Exec: Jerry, does your advertising genius know no bounds?
by TorqueLugnut October 21, 2012
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The event at which a man eats so much yogurt, that he poops on his partners back and comes out as a clear yellow liquid. It is very arousing when the man licks it afterwards.
Oh man! I would love to give my cat a yogurgasm!
by broesty May 31, 2011
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